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Added : 2013-08-10

07. 08. 2013 | | Views: 177

Source: greekvolley.com; Photo: elsextoset.blogspot.com

GRE W: Marisa “the wall” Fernandez joined AEK

The Spanish middle blocker Marisa Fernandez closed with AEK for the new season.

Marisa Fernandez Marisa Fernandez

Fernandez is not unknown name in Greek volleyball. She was in Panathinaikos “class” of the 2008-2009 season.

She is one of the best blockers in Europe and she will definitely become a reference point to AEK this year if she plays like in “PAO”.

There she has left a mark as a very strong player, very tall, real “wall” in net and she knows the Greek volleyball which can be an important fact for AEK.

Fernandez is born in 1982, has a height of 1.94 m and last year she was wearing the jersey of Murillo. She's was playing in Igtisadchi Baku, Urbino, Panathinaikos, Murcia, Las Palmas, Cordoba, Caja de Avila and Granada.

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